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Updates November 7, 2011

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Life has been SO weird lately. weird!

Where to start… I suppose with my favorite subject: my girlies!  T is now a kindergartner who is loving school.  She’s in a great school, with a brand new teacher and seems to be loving things.  I haven’t been terribly thrilled about Utah’s retarded schedule of every Friday being an early day, and I swear, she didn’t even go half of October at all!  I’ll be thrilled when I can afford private school. =)

C is at home with me, not in preschool, which I actually love.  Every day we get some alone time and I feel like I’m finally able to give her some undivided attention.  My biggest concern has been because of all going on with T, that C has not received the love and attention she deserves.  Its nice to be able to give at least some of that now.  Most of the time, we hang out at home, but frequently will get out to Starbucks for some internet time.  She gets her own computer and plays games, or watches a show on Nick Jr.


In other updates, I re-filed for divorce a couple months ago.  It was a decision long coming, but still strange to do.  D and I did it together and agreed on the terms.  It’s so nice to know that we are still close friends and that we can show the girls that even though some things in life don’t turn out, you can still make the best out of any situation.  The divorce will be finalized sometime in early next year.  It’s a little strange to think about all the change coming up in the next few months, but its also interesting to think about a new beginning.


The ending of this summer brought another trip home to the South.  It was blissful.  Much too short actually.  And if my RETARDED camera ever would let me pull the pictures off, I’d post some…

It was wonderful to watch one of my best friends, really, a sister to me, marry her best friend.  Hallie and Chad had a beautiful wedding.  It was fabulous to see her family, meet his, and finally clear up that it was NOT me who drank her dad’s liquor cabinet dry when we were teenagers.  =)  Her baby sisters are not babies anymore and have grown into beautiful girls!  Her parents are still some of my greatest role models. Meeting “grand-daddy” was also a highlight.  Hallie looked GORGEOUS and had everything planned out so well!

All of my friends that came out Saturday night for dinner and the piano bar were also a bright spot.  I’m so lucky to be blessed by the greatest friends.  I think I saw around 40 people in 5 days.  It was a very busy trip, but so much fun!!  This time leaving was more difficult than the last, because its the first time I haven’t had a trip already planned for the next time.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Life quickly resumed in Utah when I got back.  Besides the normal routine of school for D and T, we also recently learned D’s grandfather passed away.  Grandpa was probably the only person consistently kind to me in Dave’s family.  The fact that NONE of D’s family contacted him was pretty disgusting, but, par for the course.  I did have an old friend with close family ties contact me and was able to find out how he died, which offered a lot of comfort to D.  What’s most pathetic is that D works with his little brother’s wife.  He got her the job.  She’s attempted to get him fired on occasions before.  She basically lied to their boss so that she could have the day off for the funeral.  Disgusting again.  Sometimes, I’m still appalled.  I’m not sure why I’m appalled, but, it breaks my heart for D.  Every time.  I’m so glad that no matter what our relationship is, we’ll still be a family, because we share two beautiful girls.  I’m so glad he chooses to not associate with such filth of people.  I’m so incredibly proud of the person he’s become, and continues to be.  No one is perfect, but considering where he came from, I’m so proud he’s chosen to rise above it all and be something more.

Something else monumental would be the communication between myfamily and me resuming.  I’m still not confident in my decision, but it’s a step in a different direction.  They’ve had frequent communication with the girls, but not really anything regular with me for about 2 years.  My sister just had her first child in September, and my parents and brother will be visiting soon and will see the girls for the first time in about 20 months.  We’ll see how it goes.  I have reserved optimism.

And the best for last… I’m now in a relationship!!!  It’s a little strange to type, but it’s so wonderful.  Hilariously enough, he has the same name as D, which is just crazy!  Things are going well and I’m so happy to have someone so loving, supportive, patient, honest, caring and willing to accept the situation just as it is.  He adores the girls, and they adore him.  I ADORE HIM!  He’s fantastic!


For now, I think  that’s about it…  I’m so blessed again and again with the people in my life.  For all my constant supporters.  New and old.  So, to all of you:  Thanks.  I love you.  You make my life what it is.  I know there are those far away who keep up with my through this blog.  My apologies for not writing sooner(B!).  I hope you know I think of you often.  Until next time. =)


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