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Small Moments January 13, 2011

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See this face?

This is the face that endlessly begs me for more Reese’s mini cups(have you seen these things?!)  in lieu of lunch and who talks constantly on a deactivated cell phone to a boy named Ty.  Ty, I’m sure not coincidentally,  is a kid in her class at school, but amazingly enough the Ty she talks to is actually a boyfriend that mommy AND daddy apparently share.  “Mom, I’m talking to Ty!  He is your boyfriend.  And DADDY’S TOO!!!!!”

That must be what’s been missing from our sex life…no wonder things have been *dull* since the double addition of two little monsters.  It’s not because the total amount of lost sleep is greater or equal to the entire amount of sleep I’ve accrued during my entire existence.  It’s not because after breastfeeding both bambinas my nipples are now about as sensitive as a numb, frostbitten limb.  It’s definitely not because just in the last year have I finally reclaimed my bed, and for most of that year I was sleeping alone.  Heaven’s no!  It’s all because we haven’t invited Ty!  Sheesh…how silly are we?!

This kid C is HYSTERICAL.  I cannot get enough of her.  A few days ago it was about her boogers being “sauce”.  The week before that it was the fact that at 2 years, old she enjoys sleeping in the buff.  Indeed, we cannot keep pajamas on this kid at night.  Which, as awful as this is, I actually find so funny!  Seeing those cute little buns peeking out from under her ocean blankie as I walk past her room at night… it makes me grin.  It also makes me realize how fast this is all going.  How unique and individual each of my girls is, and what an awesome thing that is.  And just how insanely lucky I am to be their mama.

This week has been a challenging one here.  Both girls started back at school!  Surprisingly Monday was the easiest day this week…no real trauma.  Tuesday we were 20 minutes late, Wednesday we didn’t go at all due to tantrums, and today… well we were 40 minutes late.  I’m going to take up the mantra that as long as the beginning and end are good, the shit in the middle doesn’t count.  This of course, means that tomorrow is going to turn out SPLENDID!  =)

On a great note, we finally received a substantial check from D’s schooling that will allow us to pay off a couple accounts in collections(remember this post?) as well as make some final arrangements for a big trip we are taking later this year.  I’m so excited!!!!

The things planned for 2011 leave me constantly anticipating for what’s next and I’m thinking my one big resolution for this year will be to slow down and enjoy each moment.  The small moments in my life make up the intense joy I get to experience every day.  Losing sight of that would be a tragedy.  I get to wake up every day knowing that I have the two most beautiful girls on the face of the planet.  Hearing their giggles makes my soul smile.  Watching T teach C the latest thing she’s learned or seeing them work together makes me feel successful as a parent.  I’m so glad I get the opportunity to teach my girls a concept I never understood; that the love of your sister is the most valuable gift on the planet.  In one of my recent therapy sessions, I lamented over my biggest fear is that my girls will fight like my sister and I did- that they will not learn to love and realize how precious they are to each other.  We then discussed the significance of sibling relationships.  A sibling will be the single longest relationship you sustain in life.  They are there(normally) after your parents pass, they are there before your spouse and before any significant friends.  I’m so happy with my girls and the relationship they’re cultivating now with each other.

In general, life is blissful.  Yes, there are challenges… so, so, many of them some days.  But they are what give me the motivation to grow and challenge myself in ways I never thought possible.  I’m so glad to be just where I am.


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  1. Laura Says:

    Good work sista!

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