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Week one of 2011! January 11, 2011

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I cannot believe it’s already the 11th…of January!  It’s crazy to me.  D always tells me my sense of time is weird.. to me, January is half way over… that means we’re 1/3rd through the first quarter of the year, which is 25% of 2011… which means it’s almost 2012… which means…. anyway, you get the point.  Life just seems to be going WAY too fast for me!!

In two weeks I will have a FIVE YEAR OLD!  That’s right… my T will be 5 at the end of this month… which is also crazy to me because it feels like yesterday I was laying in a hospital bed, watching the snow fall gently outside my window and staring in awe at my brand new baby.  Now, she is 5.  5 means kindergarten… 5 means more school…less time with me, more independence and in general just less needing me.  Which scares the crap out of  me.  I always thought I’d be so excited for her to go to school.  For her to spread her wings and for me to be able to shower alone.  I’m pretty sure when I had a 2nd one, the whole showering alone thing went out the window for another 5 years, but still… I thought I’d be excited for this phase, and frankly, I’m not. Ok, that’s a lie.  I am… but a hell of a lot less than I thought I would be.  Probably because I was sure it would come with lots of tears and crying and whining…from her.  But as the time approaches, I realize, it’ll probably be me crying.  T is such a sweet, confident and self-assured child. I’m so impressed with how she interacts with other kids and I truly am so.SO.SO lucky to be her mama. I’m so proud of who she’s become in these incredibly short 5 years.

Until next time….which will probably be her birthday…. find the time to enjoy those in your life!


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