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DYMO Label writer… January 6, 2011

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I know, I know… really?!  A whole post dedicated to a label writer?!  Well… this ain’t just any ‘ole label writer!  It’s one I got for FREEEEEEEEE from my membership at BzzAgent!

DYMO is an international company specializing in label makers of all sorts.  I got this nifty little gadget as part of the latest “campaign” through BzzAgent.  I’ve used it for address labels, labels for chocolates with my business, Mayne Street Chocolates, and my sweet girlies have used the labels as their latest sticker craze…I cannot keep them away from the cute…errr…..sleek design of this little thing!  They think it’s so much fun to open the lid and peel the “stick-uhhhhhs” off one by one!  Needless to say I’ll be buying more labels(since this handy thing uses NO INK OR TONER!!!!!)  very soon!

Anyway…. hop on over to BzzAgent and check out their AWESOME word of mouth marketing, and over to DYMO to check out THIS model… my newest gadget!


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