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Oklahoma part deux August 16, 2010

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ahhhh back to my trip… two posts ago, we left off on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening at 6pm was my friend Brenden’s wedding.  Brenden and I have been friends for 10 years(HOLY?! ARE WE THAT OLD?!).  We met at high school freshman orientation and then had lockers next to each other freshman year.  While we had very different interests in high school, we stayed great friends.  I remember when she turned 16 she came and picked me up in her new red Sunfire and her dad Jackie gave us $50 to go get whatever we wanted for our sleep over.  Brenden’s parents, Jackie and Patti, have always been incredibly kind to me.  I love her whole family dearly.  Brenden was also a bridesmaid at my wedding 5 years ago.   She looked gorgeous and I was ecstatic to be there for her special day!

This picture is in the bride’s room before the ceremony.

She looked stunning walking down the aisle too!

The reception was very nice and she and Heath were BEAMING!

These are Brenden’s parents-I LOVE them!

The send off was so adorable… fireworks and sparklers!

However, I think my favorite picture by far was this one:

It’s a little blurry, but you can just see the excitement on Heath’s face.  I’m so happy for the two of them and wish them a wonderful life together!

Saturday night after the wedding, my dear friend Megan came and picked me up and we went and grabbed a couple drinks and caught up sans kids.  Megan and I have been friends since 8th grade.  We had science together and I was the new kid and she was one of the nicest people to me.  I’m so glad we’ve stayed in touch all these years.  She’s one of my only good friends from high school that has a kid!  It was so fun catching up and she drove all the way from Mississippi to be in Oklahoma the week I was there.

Sunday morning my friend Dylan took me out to a beautiful little Brazilian place for breakfast!  I met Dylan shortly after moving to Oklahoma and we grew up in the same neighborhood.  We had our ups and downs growing up, but I’m so happy that we’ve stayed in touch!!  The place was called Cafe do Brazil and it was SO cute!  Live music, and REALLY yummy food.  Dylan is a bit of a foodie like me, so I was really happy he could show me one of OKC’s gems!

Saturday afternoon I went to Ted’s Escondido with my friend Trista.  Ted’s is one of the best Mexican places EVER!  Here’s a concept Utah… QUESO!!!!!  They have the yummiest queso!  When I moved to UT one of the first Mexican places I went I asked for a cup of queso… the guy brought me out shredded cheese.  I looked at Dave and asked him, “What the hell is this?!  I asked for queso!”  He reminded me that queso is cheese in Spanish and he gave me exactly what I asked for… crazy Utahns.  Queso is a cheese sauce that you dip your chips in!  What a bunch of weirdos!  I was happy to be back in OK where they know what queso is!!  =)

Trista and I have been friends for quite some time too.  We had French in high school together and she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.  I was so excited to see her!  This last winter she went to Europe and brought me back a cool little doll from one of the places she went!  I love this girl!

In our defense, this day was SUPER windy!

Brian also came to Ted’s to see me!!!  I went to 8th grade and all of high school with this sweet guy and his twin brother Craig.  They are two of the nicest guys around!

That evening was the 4th of July fireworks!   Prior to the fireworks I went to dinner with two girlfriends from high school.  I’ve been friends with these girls for 10 years as well.  It was so fun to see both of them AND see Britt’s preggo belly!  I’m so excited for her!

Lindsay and me!

Brittany and me!

The fireworks at UCO were AMAZING and it was awesome to be back at what would have been my alma mater.  I have such great memories of this fireworks show and lots of good times with friends.  I miss it so much!

Look at those awesome smiley face fireworks!!!

Sunday night I hung out with some new friends, Erica and grandpa! (and not pictured, Chris and his friend…)  They’re hilarious!

Monday morning I hung out with one of my best friends, Kimmi.  Kimmi and I met through the Mormon church- at a girls camp in the summer, where I was her Youth Camp Leader.  I love this girl!  We both have nothing to do with the church now, but have stayed awesome friends.  She has two ADORABLE twin girls that are 1 and I am so happy for her and Stephen; they make beautiful babies and a gorgeous family!

Before I got to meet the girls and Stephen, Kim and I had a day out alone together- which was much needed and FABULOUS!

We went and ate lunch at a famous barbecue place!  YUMMY!!!!  I miss Southern barbecue!

We got mani/pedi’s

We went to visit POPS!

(floor to ceiling coke bottles!!!)

And finally I got to see those cute girlies!

Monday evening I taught a caramel apple class to the wonderful and awesome Hale family!!!!  I LOVE these people.  Jenn, the oldest is in Boston and I was sad to not be able to see her, but the gorgeous Lindsay, hilarious Stephanie and Mama Lana were all there!!!  OH and how could I forget?  Steph’s cute girls that are just about a year older than mine, and the husbands, Kasey and Lucius!

Here are a few pictures from the night!

Monday night I was able to have an awesome talk with Lana, who is like a 2nd mom to me.  We talked about everything and it brought back awesome memories of when she taught my early morning bible study class in high school.  I love this lady!

Tuesday was my last full day in OK.  Megan and her little man Isaac came and picked me up and we went to Full Cup.  This donut/coffee place is AMAZING… or was.  It was owned by Joe, a member of Megan’s church back in high school and one of our good friends Lindsay used to be a barista there on the weekends when we were in school.  The quality has gone down, but it was still yummy.  Not to mention so much fun meeting Megan’s little guy!

For lunch I met up with Emily!  How could I leave Oklahoma without seeing my very best friend one more time!?!?  I know I mentioned Emily in part uno, but this girl is my soul sister.  She has been there for EVERYTHING for me and I couldn’t be luckier to call her my friend!

Tuesday afternoon she took me to lunch at Cafe 501.  It was SO yummy!

Afterwards, we drove to Panera so I could pick up some bread to bring home!  We talked in the car and I was near tears when I had to say goodbye.  Emily is a part of my family now.  I hated having to leave and not knowing when the next time I’d see her would be.  I love this girl!

From the parking lot of Panera, my sister Stacey picked me up to go to dinner at Chic-fil-A with her and the kids.  It was so good to see the kids again.  I love my niece Jes, and I miss her so much!  It was great to see Stacey’s house and Bradyn, who I’d never met before, and Jalyn, who was an infant the last time I saw her.  And Jes is now a teenager… I can’t believe how time flies to fast!

I love this picture of Jes and I.  Jes, you’re a phenomenal girl and Aunt YaYa loves you so much!  We’ll see you soon!  Saying goodbye to them was very difficult and only the two younger ones weren’t crying.

Tuesday night was my last night in Oklahoma.  Hallie and Chad picked me up and we went to Baker’s Street Pub.  There, quite a few friends came out to see me.

Brittany and I have been friends since 8th grade and it was AWESOME seeing her!

I know CJ from high school and it’s been at least 8 years since I’ve seen him!

Megan and her husband also came out as did her sister Becky who we went to high school with.  It was so fabulous to see all these people!

After Baker’s Street, Brittany and I went to Red Dirt, another bar in Edmond to see Brent!!!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him!

After Red Dirt, Brittany took everyone home!

Wednesday morning I got up and packed my bags and was ready to go around 2pm.  My flight didn’t leave until almost 7pm, so I had a few hours.  There were so many people I wanted to see and not enough time.  Thankfully, I was able to squeeze two more people in before I needed to leave!

J.R. came and picked me up around 2pm.  We’ve been friends for about 10 years and I used to sit in front of him in Chemistry in high school.  He’s such a fun guy and is very musically talented.  We went to Hafer Park and went on a walk and talked about life and how much it had changed.  I love this guy and I’m so glad that we’re still friends!

And last but, certainly not least, one of my favorite people in the world!!!!  PAM!!!!!!

Pam lived down the street from me growing up and I went to high school with one of her sons.  She’s been like a mom to me and I adore her!  We talked a lot about life and all of the things that have happened since I last saw her- which was way too long ago.  Pam has always been such an example of what a Christian person should be like.  I’m blessed to call this lady my friend and I cannot wait till my girls can meet their grammy pam! =)

And that about wraps my trip up… I went straight from Pam’s car, upstairs to grab my luggage and into Robert’s truck.  We left WAY too late for the airport… I really should have planned it out better; I got to check in at 6:08pm.  Check-in closed at 6:10pm! =)

My time in OK was so much fun!   I was so sad to leave, but so excited to get home to my girlies.  I missed them a lot and I cannot wait till I can bring them to Oklahoma and show them what an amazing place it is!  Thanks to everyone that was so generous to me while I was out there.  The friends I have in Oklahoma could never be replaced!  I miss you all already!


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