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I promise… August 3, 2010

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I truly am looking forward to putting the rest of my Oklahoma trip up here, I’ve just been SO SO SO BUSY!!!

I’ve got a meeting tonight with a friend who’s *hopefully* going to snazz up my website pretty soon!

Tomorrow I’ve got chocolate dipping by the hundreds for a VERY large order for a very well-known university around this state… oh yes, and there will be a photographer coming to FINALLY take some decent pictures!!!  Look for those soon!

Annnnnd last but most definitely NOT least we have Relay for Life!!!  My week is jam-packed full (and so is my freezer and house) of Relay donation pick ups and the big day is this Friday!!  The Relay goes all night long and you can come find me in a green committee shirt!  I’m so excited to be a part of this and volunteering my time and resources has been very fulfilling for me.

Please visit this link to donate- our goal is $75K and we are no where NEAR making that!!!  We need your help! =)

Until Relay, chocolate dipping, business meetings, photography shoots, and packaging my largest order to date are over…


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