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Oooooooklahoma! Part UNO July 20, 2010

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Three weeks ago tomorrow I got on a plane headed for Denver Colorado, to make a connecting flight home for the first time in FIVE years!!

My flight left around 10am and got into Denver about an hour later.  I had another hour or so layover and my flight to Oklahoma got in right on time around 3:45pm.  My friend Robert picked me up and we went back to his house, where I’d be staying for the week.  As soon as I landed my phone was abuzz with text messages galore.  Literally, I got so many texts that my phone wouldn’t accept anymore until I deleted some!  It was so nice to see that everyone was excited that I was there and wanted to know that my plane had landed safe.  I think I got 30 or so messages within the first 20 minutes of being on the ground!

That afternoon we went and visited Robert’s dad, who used to come see me all the time when I worked at Milano’s.  He hasn’t changed a bit and is still a sweet guy.  Later, Robert made Chicken Curry for us for dinner and then my friend Hallie came and got me to hang out!

Hallie and I became friends the summer my parents kicked me out.  Our contact after I started my senior year was sporadic, but the last couple years we’ve talked pretty much weekly.  I LOVE this girl!  Our friendship has withstood the test of time and I’m so lucky to call her my friend.  She’s beautiful inside and out and I RAN in the parking lot(in a dress!) to give her a giant hug!  Robert was kind enough to come out and take a picture for me!

That night we went to Henry Hudson’s Pub, where Hallie’s (adorable) boyfriend Chad works.  I met Chad for the first time and he’s so funny.  We get along great and even better- he treats Hallie like a queen.  I’m so happy for them!

While we were at Hudson’s my friend Cliff drove all the way out from East Edmond to come see me!  Cliff and I have been friends since high school and we used to debate against each other in government.  Cliff if one cool guy.  He’s also a vet.  I have a lot of respect for him.  He’s also really interesting.

It was a late night Wednesday, but I had SO much fun!

Thursday Cliff came and picked me up, we went to Jason’s Deli(which is GROSS in UT, but yummy in OK) and then on to the zoo!!!  I lived in Oklahoma for just over 5 years.  And never once while I was there did I go to the zoo!  Crazy right?

This was tons of fun and has WAY more animals than Salt Lake!  Two kinds of hippos, tigers, an aquarium section and tons of things for the kids to do.  I can’t wait till I can bring the girls!

While I was there I ran into the Pitts family!

Melissa, on the left, is the mom, and Michelle, in the middle, is one of her FIVE kids!  Michelle is a year older than my little sister Jenny and we grew up together in the L.D.S. Church.  Michelle just got married last year and it was so random seeing them of all places, at the zoo!  Cliff was such a good sport to listen to the girl talk and then take a picture!

Thursday night a bunch of old friends got together at Louie’s on the Lake, which is kind of like Red Robin here, only it’s a full service bar too.  It was SO SO SO much fun(you’re probably gonna read that phrase more than once).

In all there were about 15 people that came out to see me!  I was so flattered!  Some of these people it’d been 7+ years since I’d seen!

While I was there… I got to see these two!

This is Natalie and her fiance Ricky!  I haven’t seen Natalie since we were in high school!  Sophomore year we were best friends and inseparable.  I even ran away to her house once.  I can’t wait to be there for their special day on my birthday next year!!!

I also got to see this girl!

This is Lindsay!  We grew up going to Mormon bible study together and I haven’t seen her since we were 16!!!  When everyone was mentioning how they knew me Lindsay brought up something I didn’t even remember!  She told everyone about how she brought her ultrasound pictures in to bible study(at 6:30am) and told me she was pregnant and how I was the only person to tell her congratulations.  Apparently most of our class already knew, and you can imagine that not many of the uber-conservative, stuck up kids we went to church with were going to be throwing out congratulations to a 16 year old pregnant, un-wed mother.  But, in their faces now, Linsday has been married for EIGHT YEARS to the daddy of her two adorable little boys- and still, I say CONGRATS, cause that is a phenomenal accomplishment!  I’m so glad she and I are still friends, she is one awesome person!

I also got to see this girl!

This is her beau Tylor as well, but I’ve known Nikki since I was 14!  We had a class together when I was a freshman and she was a sophomore… We’d wait till attendance was taken, then sneak away and ditch the entire class.  I remember sneaking out to her Ford Mustang and speeding out of the parking lot before we got caught!  I’ve kept in touch with her the last couple years and we had SO much fun.

Hallie and Chad also came to Louie’s!  (Hallie actually helped plan this night out!)

This picture was actually taken at Edna’s, a bar we went to afterwards.  There were ridiculous amounts of shots an drinks bought for me, so, unless we’re facebook friends, we’ll leave this picture as the end of the night!


I have been friends with Cynthia for the better part of TEN YEARS.  I love this girl like she’s my sister.  We’ve had some crazy times and she’s been there for me for just about everything in the last ten years.  She’s come out to visit me TWICE in Utah, and was a bridesmaid in my wedding(so that makes 3 times actually!).  We’ve had so many fun memories and good times.  I am so lucky to call her my friend!

Same thing with this girl!

This is Emily.  Emily and I met for the first time in a bathroom my freshman year.  She probably doesn’t remember it, but she gave me a piece of gum.  We started hanging out sophomore year when we were in the same French class taught by a self proclaimed former prostitute.  I ditched school A LOT with this girl.  You’d never guess it, but we caused our own little trouble.  And now?  She just passed the N-Clex, is about to start working as an RN and has a cute little house that just screams of her personality.  I love it, and I love her!

Saturday I hung out with these crazy kids…

This is my sister Stacey, my nieces Jeslyn and Jalyn and two of their cousins… We went and ate at CiCi’s Pizza!!!  Pathetic to say, I LOVE that place!  I have such good memories of going there after football games and staying until way too late and eating way too much pizza for $5.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen Stacey or the kids and that is just way too long!!!  After CiCi’s went to Target and then Lushberries for some fro yo.

How could I forget my nephew Bradyn though?!  He’s so cute!(on the R is his cousin…)

Jes and I in Target…

and Aunt YaYa and her kiddos at LushBerries

And on that note, we’ll end part uno!


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