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Maya Massage June 24, 2010

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OK so I lied… I’m so freakin’ excited about this Monday I can hardly contain myself!

A few months ago, the fabulous Nichole handed me “Mothering” with an article on Mayan massage.  It was a fabulous article, well written and persuasive enough to make me look more into the practice.  Thank God there is someone close that practices!

On Monday evening, I will meet with Tanya, and hopefully learn some techniques to balance me out.  It’s been no secret that health wise things always seem to be off with me.  If you weren’t around a few years ago… there was the massive surgery which I’m grateful to have lived through.  I remember coming out of that and wishing I had died it was so painful.  I’m so glad to have been on the mend and nothing serious for the last two years!

On a side note, now more than ever in life I’ve realized how much your mental and physical health are intricately connected.  Since doing the work with my therapist Carrie, I’ve uncovered a lot of stress that has shown itself in other ways.  It’s been a challenge to work through it all, but I can honestly say I’ve never felt happier, or healthier in my life.

I’m so excited to start the work with Tanya and can’t wait to *hopefully* see some awesome results.  I’m so glad there are still people dedicated to helping the body heal the natural way.  The last thing a stressed out, already overloaded body needs is more chemicals or toxic inputs.  Cheers to natural healing! =)


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