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Rainy days and cloudy minds… May 14, 2010

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Ahhhh once again this blog has fallen under the category of “not high on my priority list”.  How fabulous is it that I can actually say that chocolate falls in my top 5 things I NEED to do on a regular basis?  Yeah, that’s pretty sweet. 

Salt Lake has had a pretty nasty streak of winter showing it’s face more often than not this last month and it is driving me crazy!  I need to get rid of these hideous tan lines before I venture South East in just a matter of SIX WEEKS!  It’s crazy how fast time flies!!!  I remember 6 months ago lamenting about how long it would take for this summer to come so I could spend some much-needed time away with old friends. 

As I type it’s raining again- for the 4th day in a row, and I am quite tired of it.  Tomorrow I have a small excursion planned in which I’d love to wear a very attractive new summer dress I just got… I’m afraid that won’t be happening if this blasted rain does not cease pronto!  The rain does strange things to me.  It’s not like the tornado alley fabulous rain where it pours and pours with lightning ablaze and thunder booming from seemingly every corner of the Earth.  No, no.  Salt Lake’s rain is akin to Seattle’s except more bipolar.  An hour ago the sun was shining bright, taunting me into thinking that it was time to break out the beach towels and margaritas.  And now?  My view of the gorgeous mountains tainted, like a grey mirage, blending in and out of the thick storm clouds, blurring what is mountain, and what is nature’s volatility.

My moods on these days are melancholy.  How can it possibly be mid May and no sunshine?!  How can it possibly be mid May and no fabulous spring storms to throw open my windows to?  Just lots and lots of dreary, intermittent rain scratching out my plans of all things outdoorsy.  Chilly, wet and gloomy.  Not exactly kid friendly weather. 

However, this lends for some serious thinking most days.  The pale shade it casts over the day makes me consider deep things that would normally be put off for more appealing activities when the sun shines.  Good music facilitates this thinking even more so.  Good literature does as well.  Thankfully I have a plethora of both.  Lord what I’d do without those, I’m not quite sure.  I’m about half way through a very candid book entailing some history on one of Mormonism’s most famous apologists, told by his daughter.  I dream of some day coming to a place where I can put my life on paper like this.  For now, this measly blog will have to do.

I’m hoping soon this weather will clear out, so that my mind can move on to more pleasant places, and forget all the garbage that has seemed to permeate every corner of life for the last 8 months or so.  I’m so ready to embrace this next phase of life.  So ready for this summer to come and subsequently go, to move into a more scheduled day this fall, and to love each new challenge that comes. 

Rain, rain, please make this your last extended stay for a while!


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