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New friends and new music May 4, 2010

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Could there be ANYTHING better in the world then new friends and new music?  I think not.   

If there are two things that speak to my soul in the world, its music first and people second. 

Last night I was introduced to this:

This girl is AMAZING.  I was smitten last night and could listen to it all day long and not get sick of it. 

In the past week I’ve spent nearly 24 hours combined with a few new friends.  Nothing in the world could be more welcomed!  Salt Lake City is a very unique place.  The majority of the people here are (SURPRISE!!!) from one faith.  And those that are not of the faith have some intricate connection to it some way or another.  It’s been a very difficult place to meet sincere, genuine people who honestly care about their fellow human beings and share at least some of my same philosophies on life. 

How in the world is it possible to have connected with a few new people in a week?!  AND continued to be amazed by the friendships that surround me?!  I feel so blessed.  I look at my life and the people in it, and the ones that have stayed and been there, without judgement, without betrayal, without deceit.  It’s amazing.  Why the universe has decided to offer me some of the world’s finest human beings as my closest friends, I have no idea.  The last thing I’ll be doing is complaining.  About anything.  Because I AM so very very blessed.

So, if you’re reading this, and we’ve talked in the last week, know that you fall in the category I mentioned above and I’ve thought about you individually and how immensely thankful I am for you.  I’m so incredibly lucky to call you my friend and be there for the adventure that life is.  Thank you for being part of my story!

Here’s another one for the road… spectacular!


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