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Einstein’s a genius… April 21, 2010

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Wait, you already knew ^that^ right??

Well, if you didn’t, here’s a little quote from the man:

“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is.”

I found this quote while perusing a meditation book at my favorite local Barnes and Noble.  I’d just finished a jog and a was taking a break away from my little darlings(who recently have acted like little devils), grabbed some chai tea and went hunting for something worthy of my mind’s time.  I’m so glad I found this quote.  It epitomizes how I try to live my life.  That regardless of all the crap that happens, I can rise above it all because my appreciation for the small and simple things leads me to believe that they are really building blocks for the great and magnificent instead of mediocre stones paving the way for small and insignificant. 

Each tiny experience in life adds to the sum of everything amazing.  Every wonderous little thing my girls do, adds to my job exponentially.  Each little personal victory for me multiplies my regard for the fantastic.  One triumph over trial makes everything I fight for worth it all the more.  I’m so glad to be alive. 

p.s.- yes I know this should have been about the Pacific Northwest with pictures a plenty, however, my thingamabobber that connects my camera to my laptop-err… well… I’m not really sure where that thingy is.  When I find it, you’ll get your post!  Until then… leave a comment!  =)


One Response to “Einstein’s a genius…”

  1. Hilary Price Says:

    Sarah, this is fantastic! So beautifully put.

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