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holy S… April 11, 2010

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Smokes?  Sheesh?  Shit?  yeah… choose one of the above.  It’s been way to long since I updated this thing, but I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Currently I’m in the ridiculous town of Meridian ID, waiting out a night while the girls catch up on some sleep and I think about the meaning of life.  My dad used to bitch about that all the time when I was a kid.  “If you’re bored than think about the meaning of life.  Ponder your existence.”  I always thought it was lame. 

Now, it’s funny.  My parents have raised 3 1/2(half meaning the last one is still a minor and at home) kids and all of them very different.  I just spent 4 days up at my parents house and was once again reminded of the way I grew up.  It’s this very interesting cross between extremely sheltered and close minded, but yet very inquisitive and liberal.  Odd paradoxes there.  I feel like when my dad told me to “ponder the meaning of life” he was really sending me out on this lifelong adventure in which I’ll never really be finished with.  Funny because at times, it would seem my parents would rather have their kids NOT ponder the meaning of life and continue in the “traditions of their fore fathers” as my dad calls it. 

Irregardless, I do still ponder the meaning of life and often.  I’m reading a book right now.  A very interesting, and thus far, AWESOME book.  Yeah, I’m about 10 pages into it, but who cares?!  Tonight I read about homeostasis in the body- that our bodies are meant to be pushed to the limits, but then need sufficient time to heal and recoup.  Sounds like a plan to me, but how to heal, relax and return to homeostasis is the challenge.   Here’s a thought:

“It could be argued that most health problems come not from stress, but from inadequate recovery time- we don’t relax deeply or long enough to repair ourselves”

Interesting eh??  I’ve pondered this and how it relates to my current predicaments and how I can better relax and repair myself so that I can return to my own homeostasis.  I feel like that’s been missing for a while, but on the same note, feel like I’ve recently been able to return to that static condition faster than ever.  I’ve got my own little mantras, and I take comfort in the karma that I put out into the world. 

Anyway, I’m done for the night.  It’s time for some sleep and then massive amounts of driving tomorrow.  5-6 hours to be exact.  BUT, I’ll be home by tomorrow’s eve-in my own bed, with my own pillow, in my own house.  Hopefully I can find the homeostasis that’s REALLY been lacking lately within the walls of my residence.  It’s time.  Past time in fact.

Look for Part I of Sarah and The Girls’ excellent Adventures in the PNW soon! =)


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