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Southwardly March 19, 2010

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See that girl up there?  The one on the left??  She’s quite possibly one of my best friends on the entire face of the planet.  Besides meeting the obvious criteria for being ridiculously cute, she’s also ridiculously awesome.  And three months ago she moved about 4 hours South and has let me know ever since that I need to come for a visit.

Savanna is seriously like a sister to me.  She’s like an Auntie to my girls.  THEY LOVE. HER. (and her hilarious husband Billy).  We grew up together in Las Vegas then reconnected after about 6 years when I moved to UT and she came here for school.  She’s seen me through a lot of stuff and we’ve had a lot of fun together over the 15+years we’ve been friends.  We played together as kids, attended each others’ birthday parties, and Savanna will even admit to pulling my hair and being mean to me!  Of course, it was completely one-sided.  =)

Our friendship has obviously changed since playing barbies and pulling hair, but it means so, so, so much to me.  She has defended me, trusted me, uplifted me, given me sound advice and listened to me sob my eyes on multiple occasions.  Often times she will randomly call to check up on me and it will be just when I need it.  She has been more than I could have ever asked for out of a friend, and more than I ever thought possible out of a family member- incredibly enough, I get to call her both!

This past weekend I loaded up the girls on my birthday and sauntered down her direction.  We got there SUPER late, but she was just as chipper as ever.  She took us upstairs and this adorned our door:

followed by this:

Isn’t that the sweetest thing EVER?!  She truly is the hostess with the mostest!

I wish I could say the entire weekend went dandy…. except that at 3:30 am the first night, I was cleaning up throw up.  It’d been a long week for us already and C had been sick Thursday morning.  T seemed fine and C was totally fine all day Friday… well, apparently I was too quick on my judgements.  Just as soon as I’d fallen asleep I woke up to T puking her guts out.  Poor baby!  I won’t go into the gory details, but I ended up not getting to bed until about 5am that night…

The next day we layed around for most of the morning.  Sweet Billy made waffles for us before he left for the day to give us some girl time.  Savanna made play dough with the girls while I took a shower then later we went to the “Crapper Barrel”(Cracker Barrel) as T calls it, for lunch.  T was running a fever so I ran into Wal-Mart to get some meds for both girls.  I came out ten minutes later and Savanna had them asleep!  We went home and ended up all falling asleep till about 7 pm.

Saturday night after everyone woke up, we made pizza together and then made ice cream sundaes… the girls love going to see Savanna…. she always has TONS of stuff for them to do and she spoils them rotten.  They each went home with a new pair of pajamas(see pictures at end) as well as a bag full of loot.

Sunday was another lazy morning before we packed up and left even more South, for Vegas.  Sadly, we apparently left our little bug behind too.  I called Savanna the next day and she was sick with what T had!  Never the downer, she assured me it was worth it and no big deal.

I’m so lucky to call this girl(and her funny man hubby) some of my best friends.  They’re such awesome people and I count them as some of my biggest blessings!

A few more cute pictures from hanging out….

Savanna and the girls making play dough!

C, VERY excited about that ice cream sundae(notice pizza in fore ground)

T in her new princess jammies from Auntie Savanna!

T loves her so much!(and so do C and I)

Savanna and the girls doing a picture frame craft

Billy, telling his awesome "finger" story! =)

C with her Auntie and Uncle!

my girlies, exhausted after a very fun filled weekend

The beautiful Southern Utah sky as we were headed for Nevada!

And for now?  That’s all.  I’m EXHAUSTED still!  More on the Vegas shenanigans later….stay tuned!


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