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Craigslist March 3, 2010

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So if you haven’t heard of this site, you must really be living under a rock.  I first heard about it from my sister about 4-5 years ago.  Thank the heavens I did!

Craigslist is quite possibly one of my most favorite sites around.  It was the means of finding the rad place I live in now, which also brought about an awesome friendship, and most recently, the newly formed Mayne Street Chocolates

So, if all of the above were not reason enough to adore it, I’ve also made some decent cash over the years.  I’ve sold PLENTY of massive bags of the girls’ clothes that we no longer have a need for, random household crap that we don’t need, or gifts that were really no use to us.  It also has a “free section”(keep reading for today’s find)… I’ve many times posted our expired food on there.  About 6 months ago, the sweetest lady replied and we’ve had an email friendship since.  Albeit seldom these days, but we’re friends on facebook and she’s darling.  She has teenaged boys who could care less about the date on a package and I vividly remember the sweet email she sent me telling me how grateful she was.  It sounds lame, but it’s been very fulfilling.

I’ve also met some pretty nifty people.  Although searching for decent people on there is akin to “mining for gold in a septic tank” – it can be done.  I’m fairly cautious about the people I meet or continue speaking to and the information I give out considering I’d like to be around for my girls for a VERY long time, and I’d prefer to not have my death’s headlines read, “young mom gets killed by craigslister”.  In any case, I have had some of the most random things happen there.  Once, I emailed on a toy for T, and the seller ended up being D’s cousin’s wife.  Kinda weird… that formed a friendship that lasted a couple years and we had some great times there. 

It’s also a very common place to meet people new in town.  Recently, I met a freakin’ sweet newly divorced mom from NY with a daughter T’s age.  Though we have yet to get our kids together, we went out for coffee together and shot the breeze about life.  People are so incredibly fascinating when you get to know their life story.  We’ve talked a couple times, and I have no doubt when our schedules meet, we’ll hang out again. 

Today was HIGHLY successful.  I listed a couple things a few days ago and received a couple responses.  Today I met with a darling pregnant lady and sold her our old car seat. *sniffle sniffle* I sold one of my last baby items!!!  C’s infant carrier car seat is now gone.  On a side note, I about cried.  Selling it just brought such a finality of this particular stage of my life.  Kinda sad, but kinda exhilarating as well.  I made $20 today… enough to entertain the girls at the mall with my friend and her little boy.  More on that spectacular person in a later post.

ALSO TODAY…. I GOT A BIKE FOR FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  Pretty awesome right?  It’s a Trek 800, which really means nothing to me, because I’m not familiar with bikes, and I’m sure the guy that gave it to me(who is pretty freakin’ stellar might I add) would probably wet himself if he knew I said that, but it’s ok!  I’m just happy to now have another means to vent my frustrations.  In OK I had my mom’s old bike and that was my mode of transportation.  It was my vehicle to get groceries, deposit my weekly meager check, and go anywhere else I wanted to.  It was either that, or by foot.  Looking back now, I realized when I was riding(and running) I was the fittest I’d ever been in life… here’s to hoping this new bike brings a little of that back.

I’m also super excited cause the guy giving it away is pretty nifty.  We talked a little more tonight and he seems to be pretty familiar with biking around Salt Lake; a subject of which I haven’t a clue of.  I feel retarded living here and not knowing any of the outdoorsy stuff- this is what we used to do as a kid!!  My little sister and I used to ride our bikes EVERYWHERE in Vegas!  on the weekends my parents would take us on these 10 mile bike rides to different parks around Vegas.  Sometimes I just think to myself what the hell I was thinking all these years!?

More than anything I’m excited to put this thing together, get it working and go and take T to Sugarhouse Park, just the two of us.  She’s getting older and sometimes I think really just craves solo attention.  She’s just too dang smart and knows when I’m not giving her my undivided attention.  She’ll often stop mid sentence during the day and say, “MOM!  ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!”  To which I normally reply, “Sorry, T, I was not.”  She loves it when we do things by ourselves and I’m stoked this is just one more thing we can do!

So, to “C”(different from my C)… who gave me the awesome bike and completely made my day- Thanks for being one insanely generous cool dude.  I look forward to gleaning from your knowledge!


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