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My business ventures and giving back February 13, 2010

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So as many of you know this new year has been so exciting for me with my business ventures!  I’m here to shamelessly plug my new adventure; Mayne Street Chocolates!  We are still getting things worked out with the website, but you get the idea- we do all sorts of chocolates and confections!  I still technically have ShooBox Sweets but would rather merge my clients with the new name and new company.  I have a partner, Nichole, who is not only a great friend, but so willing to learn anything!  So far things have gone great!  We did about 30 lbs of hand dipped chocolates for Valentine’s Day and this weekend we are completing our first wedding order!  Thanks to all those who have offered their love, support, and most appreciated, their business.  It’s a leap of faith to buy something from a brand new business AND something you’ve never tried.  Hopefully we have yet to disappoint!

And on giving back…

D works at a local hospital.  Often times he’s come home with really sad stories of people who are very sick and employees who sometimes forget that these people are suffering and in pain and in some cases, have very little time left to live.  As a kid my mom HATED hospitals.  She passed on the disdain to me until I was about 14 and realized there was so many things wonderful about hospitals.  I volunteered for a few weeks over the summer at a downtown hospital in OKC.  It was so fascinating to me and piqued my interest and new love for the hospital environment.  There’s something to be said for an entire organization whose sole purpose is to help people.  It’s extremely fulfilling. 

Today D called and let me know he was going to be off later than he expected.  I asked what was going on and he explained that things had become a little out-of-order.  One patient didn’t show up and so the MRI tech wanted to squeeze in an inpatient.  The inpatient took longer than expected to be wheeled down and that pushed the people back that were scheduled.  One patient finally showed up after he and his wife were given the wrong directions to the clinic.  This man has skin cancer that found its way into his blood and is now in his lungs.  The poor guy and his wife had trekked all over the hospital before finally finding where they were supposed to be.  On top of this, it was not verified what kind of implant he had and if it was going to be safe for the MRI.  If you’re not familiar with MRI scans, it uses a very high powered magnet- if there is something in or on your body that is metallic it will literally be ripped out or off because the magnet is that strong.  Obviously that would be an issue.  So, after trekking all over the place and then having to wait while they verified the implant he had would not be ripped out of his body mid-scan, D finally took him back to change.  While walking back the man said to D,

“Look, I’ve been told I’m going to die.  It’s just very frustrating to have to wait around when I could be spending this time doing other things.”

Can you imagine that??  Can you imagine knowing you have very little time left to live and you have to spend it waiting because someone didn’t do their job thoroughly?  Time that could be spent with family and friends you now have to sit and wait.  I felt terrible for these people and the sweet wife that was waiting for an hour while her dying husband had his scan.  

I asked Dave how much longer the scan went and he said about 30 minutes.  Thankfully we only live about 10-15 minutes from the hospital.  I still had a couple caramel apples left over from a batch I made earlier this week.  I quickly got the girls and myself dressed and drove up there.  This man’s wife was so darling!  We sat for about 15 minutes with her and talked about her husband, his diagnosis, the run around they’d had, how he’s short of breath because the cancer is in his lungs now, and how after this they were driving 5 hours down south to take their trailer out of storage so they could sell it to “prepare for whats to come”. 

She was tickled pink about the apples and told us about how they’d be saving them to share with their kids and grandkids later tonight when they got to their destination.  As we were leaving her husband came out and she picked up their things and came over to show him the apples.  He got very excited and gave me and C a huge hug.  He apologized to D for giving him “crap” and D and I both said it was not crap because they should have never been put through all that.   The girls and I said goodbye to D and then rode the elevator down a few floors before saying goodbye to this sweet couple.

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about this sweet old man.  He was so kind to my girls and you could tell he loved being a grandpa.  And this poor woman.  While I’m sure they’ve had a long and fulfilling life together, it cannot be easy being told that your sweetheart has less than a year to live.  I’ll probably never see these people again, but their kindness and love touched me and they gave me a lesson in life and a chance to teach my children a very important lesson about life.  There is ALWAYS time to help someone else.  And someone else ALWAYS has more challenging things to deal with. 

Today I will be grateful for my challenges, the chance to teach my girls the lesson of service, and for the opportunity I had to brighten someone else’s day.

*oh yeah… and if you have a sweet or confectionary need please to and contact us.  We’d be glad to customize an order to your needs!


5 Responses to “My business ventures and giving back”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Sarah, you are wonderful.

  2. Sarah!!! Says:

    Thanks Sarah! I miss you! We must hang out this summer when I’m out… btw, I totally found my 8th grade yearbook the other day! BFF remember?! =)

  3. Vicky Bangerter Says:

    I am very impressed Sarah – What a wonderful thing for you to do – your granny has passed a great legacy on to you all. I wish that I was more like that.

  4. Sarah!!! Says:

    Aunt Vicky- you are AMAZING. Tori will always remember the chickens and gathering eggs at your house and what better memories and legacy to leave then the Beazer reunions?! I have awesome memories of you! And not to mention my favorite raspberry lemon muffin recipe is from you too! =) And chocolate is in the blood… My dad’s parents have been doing it for 60 years as well.

  5. […] stranger, it’s even more flattering!  I came home and thought about this sweet old man(I apparently run into lots of those…) and how much life is about helping and uplifting the people you cross paths with.  Last week was […]

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