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Pea(nuts)…. February 11, 2010

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I’d say overall I’m a pretty upfront parent.  When T and C ask about life I don’t give them run around answers and try to explain things in the easiest way for them to understand. 

As T gets older, she has more questions about life.  She’s starting to understand anatomy and that things have origin.  She really questions a lot about life and its happenings and it brings about some pretty funny discussions.  A few months ago we were in Target and passed the lingerie aisle.  She looked over and announced that the bras here were for people with small boobies, and that her mom didn’t have small boobies.  Pretty embarrassing, but certainly hilarious now! 

Tonight was another one of those instances. In the recent weeks we’ve learned about other body parts.  T is curious what makes boys male and what makes girls female.  Tonight while D was tucking her into bed she wanted her hair done.  D explained to her that he would do it but it would not be as good as if mom did it.  She grasped the concept better than he anticipated…

“Yeah Dad, you don’t do it as good because you’re a boy and you have a peanut!”

Well, now that we have the proper terminology down I’m glad we can move on to ponytails and braids for your hair T!  She’s SUCH a funny kid!


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