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PT February 8, 2010

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Holy hanna I think I’m going to die!  Tonight I did TWO HOURS of physical therapy.  Why you ask?  Well back on 1/1/2010 I sprained the hell out of my ankle.  REALLY SPRAINED.  I’ve done numbers on my ankle(s) before, but this was a whole new level. 

I called D right after it happened.  I was supposed to be picking a friend up from the airport.  I told D he needed to come and get me and take me up to the hospital.  I’ve done 20+ hours of natural labor, I’ve had 4 surgeries in about 2 1/2 years, but this was pretty damn near the top.  D of course thought I was exaggerating but still came.  He told me that as he drove up and could see me in the wheel chair and then could see my foot, the thought going through his mind was, “HOLY SH–!!!”.  It’s true… My ankle, which is really about the only petite part of my body, was about the size of a softball. 

The long story short, I was running through a cross walk to be considerate- this guy was coming pretty fast and was obviously perturbed at having to stop, so I thought I’d be nice and hurry through so he could go on his way…. yeah…. that didn’t work out so well.  Basically the airport has this stripping in their crosswalks.  The very tip of my shoe caught it and the next thing I knew I was flat on my face with my book and wallet about 5 feet away.  Not so graceful.  I first asked myself what was hurt worse, my ego or my foot… then reality set in.  My foot felt like it fell off and immediately my WHOLE LEG was tingling.   What really miffed me though was the fact this jackass didn’t even roll down his window to ask if I was ok!!!  A nice sweet lady that was driving up behind him was the one who stopped and helped me.  There was a cute little airport kid who stayed with me after bringing me a wheelchair- but seriously, the guy who I’d been running for did not even stop and ask how I was.  RUDE!  So, when D got there he did a little nervous freak out for a minute then was mainly concerned with getting me in the car and to the ER.  The airport kid had now brought his dad over and D, the airport kid and his dad all helped me get into the car… with the pervert dad taking a nice big grab at my buttocks before I fell into the car.  It was not a fun ride up to the hospital.  Much like the ride up while I was in labor actually!  I found one swear word and it became my mantra until I got into the ER.

Well since this shortened long story is now becoming long, I’ll end with the fact that I’m now in PT once a week… except this week I have the pleasure of going TWICE!(I missed last week due to “unavailability of appointments” however, turns out it was the scheduler… NOT the unavailability)  Yay!  I really do actually like going.  My PT guy Dave is a cool dude and not too sore on the eyes either.  He’s totally cute in that Richard Gere kinda way.  And I think he’s funny! 

Tonight was a bee-otch, but it was good.  I’d really like to start running again and get back into shape and move on to other things in life.  I won’t ever have the nice flat tummy I used to, but it would be nice to be able to get back into some sort of a routine.  Anyway, for now, I’m going to watch The LAME Bachelor and have a few good laughs before passing out for the night!  Adios kids… I hope everyone’s day was as fantastic as mine!


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