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Zhu Zhu Pets January 29, 2010

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I feel violated… even just typing that title.  I’ve given in to the propaganda.  My child’s first “fad toy”.  I must say I’m embarrassed… however, its come with quite a bit of humor too!

So these little guys are basically fake hamsters.  The company that makes them has been relentlessly plugging them as “They’re so fun without the mess!”  Sheesh, what could honestly be better than a hamster that doesn’t pee or poop or stink?!  I say no hamster at all.  Even a fake Zhu Zhu hamster.  Well… Christmas came and went with no Zhu Zhu’s in this house.  T still saw those annoying commercials and then would ask for one for her birthday.  When none of these little creatures showed up at her party I was relieved.  Fast forward to today!

T got a package from her Auntie Savanna and Uncle Billy with a game inside.  One problemo… it was a game we already had.  So, we went back to Target and returned it.  Target didn’t have any more games that she really wanted so I mentioned the Zhu Zhu.  She went nuts!  So, once we found out Target no longer carries them, I told her we could take the money and go to Toys ‘R’ Us.  We went and boy do they have Zhu Zhu’s… there must’ve been a hundred of these things!  Both girls went crazy and we asked T again if that’s what she really wanted.  She was insistant. 

Two Zhu Zhu’s and their habitat, and $47 later, we were walking out with two happy little girls.  The whole way home they pressed the little noses and listened to the funny sounds, giggling and giddy over their new “pets”.  When we got home and C’s was out of the package the tune changed quite a bit.  T started freaking out!  C’s is a little black and white one and T just started screaming her head off saying that she didn’t like it “because its black!”  So besides the unintentional racial innuendo, we explained that hers and C’s were the same- C’s was running around because it was out of the package- hers would too.  D set up the habitat and for the duration of dinner the girls watched C’s silly little thing run around and try to escape its house.  Later, we took T’s and put the two in the habitat together and watched as they chased each other around and fell over because it was too crowded.  I took them out and T got so freaked out again.  Both girls were in tears crying and begging me to put these fake little guys back in their house!  D and I were dying laughing!!!  These after all were what T was insistant on getting!

Really we should have known better because T is very afraid of animals, but I thought certainly this was the thing to warm her up to the idea that animals aren’t bad!  HECK NO!  As of tonight, the hamsters are “asleep” in their habitat, and NEITHER  of my cute girls are interested in even going near them!  So much for the “it” toy and it being a nice thing to get T used to animals.  She refuses to touch hers or her sister’s!

Overall I’d say this toy is a fail.  Before leaving the store we were warned by the clerk to watch out for hair.  On the package there are about 3 places that it warns about hair.  A sticker on the pet warning about hair, and the girls’ Aunt Hallie warned me tonight about keeping them away from hair!  Apparently lots of people have had their hair caught in the little wheels.  The wheels spin awfully fast and I can just picture T being further tramautized by this!  I’m still debating on taking these back , but its been comical to see the girls’ reactions and I’m really hoping they warm up to them soon!


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