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4 year old wisdom January 27, 2010

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My T is so funny.  Really… the kid is just so on top of things and has an answer for everything.

I’m attempting to get into a new routine here… I’ve never been a routine kinda gal, mostly fly by the seat of my pants and pray that it works out, however… when it comes to losing the weight I’ve gained since kids, that doesn’t really work out so well… hence two years since I’ve had a baby and only 5 lbs lost.

ANYWAY, so today I’ve tried to get the motivation to leave the house and do some light jogging.  I really have tried to leave the house since 11am this morning.  Its 3pm now.  So, now that I’m ready to go, the girls for the last hour or so have fought me on it.  As a last resort I finally said, “OK!  MOMMY IS LEAVING WITHOUT YOU TWO!”  T looks at me and says the following:

“MOM!  You can’t leave without us.  We’re you’re children and you love us.  You would never leave us.  You won’t leave us home by ourselves!  And if we don’t want to go then you can’t!”

I nearly died laughing.  Touches, touches.  You’re right T, you’re my children and I love you more than anything in the world.  I would never leave you and especially not home by yourselves… though the thought has crossed my mind when you really push my buttons.  And unfortunately for you, sometimes you have to do things in life you don’t like… I don’t like running in 30 degree cold, but I need to be able to fit in a strapless dress by this summer…. Annnnnnd you don’t like going with me, but lucky for you, you can sit in the stroller with your sister.  I’m going, you’re coming and we’re getting out of this house before 3:30!  =)


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