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Fail! January 15, 2010

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I’m sure none of you really noticed, but my last two posts were really off in the date and/or time stamps!  Dave pointed this out one morning when he emailed and told me that while reading my post at about 9am , the post showed it had been posted at 10am that day.  Obviously a little off.  After about a half hour tonight I found where to change the time stamp!  Yay for me!

Today I also found this ridiculously funny blog.  Sometimes these sorts of things get old, but I’ve been laughing ALL night long!  A couple of these really cracked me up, but I’ll let you decide which ones you think those were!

Take a gander at what I’m referring to HERE.

And while I’m at it, I’ll share a couple more… this and this are also pretty decent comedic relief on a cruddy day!

Lastly, I’ll offer my own little story from tonight’s car ride.  Hilarity brought to you by my sweet children!

Our current issue is that C wants to talk.  She’s not quite 2 yet, and thinks she needs to be speaking in full sentences.  The problem with this is that she has her own set of words.  A lot of them we understand but occasionally we just cannot seem to understand what she’s saying.  Enter T.  T is sometimes able to tell us exactly what she’s saying!!  So, tonight on the way home while C was adamant on demanding we understand this one word, I finally resorted to T. 

Me: “T can you please tell me what your sister is saying???!!!”

T: “C, tell sissy, say it again!”

C: “Teeteewah!!!”

T:”MOM!  She’s saying TITTIES!!!  See, listen, “TIT- TEES!  C, say it for mommy!  TIT-TEES!”

Me: (while trying to conceal my laughter)  Thank you T!!  I’m so glad you can understand her when mommy can’t!  Thank you!”

T: “You’re welcome mom!  She’s saying TIT-TEEEEEES!!!  GOOD JOB C!!”

As you can see, I have my own built-in comedy around this joint.  T always wants to be so helpful, and today, this was really just what I needed.  It had been a long time since I laughed that hard to myself!  I hope today there is something that you bust a gut laughing about.  I must say, it was refreshing and nice to be able to laugh without reservation, both about “titties” and from the aforementioned weblogs! =)


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