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I hate subject lines… January 13, 2010

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You know, I really do hate subject lines.  It’s like why put something there?  If you’ve got something to say why do you have to say it twice?  I’m not a fan…  in fact if they had a Facebook page, “I hate subject lines”  I’d totally join.  But then I’d join the throngs of people who love to join the all sorts of lame groups on Facebook and that is another peeve of mine.  So, scratch that idea.

Speaking of!  I’m a big fan of Facebook.  For years I resisted getting one.  My profile is really still in its infancy- only about 2 years old, but man do I love it.  Why?  Because I can keep up with all sorts of people who I really would otherwise not have the time to.  I’ve also been able to reconnect with a couple really stellar people.  Thats been fun.  I’ve got some pretty sweet people I get to call friends- in the virtual world and reality.  Sweet friends who introduce me to awesome things like PANDORA!

If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon, you really must be under a rock.  I was until a few months ago!  It’s awesome.  Literally you can customize your “station” and on top of that get information on the song, artist, album etc.  I really am just enamored by its amazingness.  Plus it provides tunes to listen to while I write hilariously funny things on this blog!  =)

Today was an oddity.  Nothing dramatic happened.  My sweet girls played nicely with each other for the day, they were nice to me nearly the whole day and really, I wondered if I was dreaming.  Not that they aren’t wonderful girls, but normally just very high-strung.  I knew there was a reason.  About 1pm C started running a pretty high fever, and T in turn had some pretty intense sympathy pains.  So, most of the day was spent cuddling while making sure the Motrin was on schedule.

I received a nice little package today too!  Anyone who really knows me knows I have an opinion on just about anything.  I’ve learned to channel this into a couple of decent consumer research panels and it’s paid  dividends.  This month alone I have a $50 gift card coming my way, as well as a $25 check, a stackable ring toy for the girls and the package today contained a pair of 1 ct CZ princess stud earrings.  Not too shabby eh??  Its been fun doing all the surveys, getting lots of free stuff to try before it hits the market and who can forget all the aforementioned stuff.  Yeah, I’m in heaven.  Free stuff=the best stuff!

Lastly, I’d like to share with everyone one character that strode on into my life a few years ago.  She’s deceased now, but provided, and apparently still is providing lots of downright laughing fits.  Her name is Myra. 

I met Myra when I moved to Taylorsville UT.  She lived two floors below me and the stories regarding her are endless.  When we first met she asked me where I was from and why I moved upstairs.  We had a pretty interesting conversation and I found out she’d lived in Oklahoma and was part Native American.  She was an “accident” child to a self-proclaimed princess.  She was the last of all boys and said that her mother hated her for giving her competition.  She had all sorts of crazy stories, one of which being that her mother sent her to school with a pistol in her knapsack then called the principle on her and got her suspended.  I wish I could have videotaped Myra.  She would be so calm and then out of the blue come up with one of these crazy stories and just be totally animated.  It was hilarious!  We grew to love Myra over the 2 years we lived above her.  She passed away about a year ago and I’m sad to say that I never made it to her funeral. 

Last night I was re-reading a journal from the days we lived above Myra.  I’d like to say I could paraphrase this, but it literally is so funny verbatim that I’m not sure I could even do myself justice!  I remember writing this and being so frustrated with her.  Pardon the length here, but it just might be worth your time!  Myra was quite the character and one I am so grateful played a part in my life and someone I learned a lot from.

*As you read this, keep in mind that the below mentioned vehicle was an old ford Taurus with a massive collection of dents and dings that only an 80-year-old lady could sport with pride.

“March 21st 2006(2 months after T was born)

So we have this neighbor- Myra P.  She’s normally a pretty decent human being but since T has come she’s driven me nuts.  She comes over without calling, tells T if she gets sick of me to come downstairs and she’ll take care of her- as if T could just saunter down there on her own!  WELL the latest issue?!  Her frackin’ car alarm KEEPS going off!  Like incessantly!  Last night Dave and I were asleep and at about 12″30am it went off…& kept going… HONK, HONK, HONK.  So after a few minutes Dave goes out there because we thought it might be the jeep.  So, he bangs on Myra’s door and she comes out and responds with “Someone must be trying to break in!”  No sorry, or any sort of apology, no thank you, she turns it off and goes back in.  So, we go back to bed. 

WELL, today it goes off 3-4 times throughout the day.  Apparently she told Dave that she didn’t even hear it last night.  Well the other neighbors tell her and she turns it off.  So tonight at about 10:45 p.m.  it goes off…. & keeps going off.  So Dave is trying to get T to sleep and I’m pumping my milk cause T hasn’t been eating well and just keeps screaming.  Well Dave’s like, “I’m not going out there”  So, no bra, no shirt, I throw on a hoodie, get down the first flight of stairs and there’s Myra talking to a cop.  Well I wait until she’s done and is walking back and ask her whats going on; if someone is really trying to break in and she says that the officer told her it was the radio frequency interrupting and that they would eventually get it fixed.  I’m like “WHAT?! EVENTUALLY?!”  So in the mean time we get to come wake your butt up every time it goes off cause you can’t hear the damn thing??  FABULOUS.  So I come in and call the sheriff’s office and a girl named Jamie answers and she takes down what happens and says an officer will call me back tonight.  He calls and I explain to him the situation and what happened tonight and he tells me it can’t be their problem, but something in her car malfunctioning.  He advises me us to call the office when it goes off and anonymously report it and she’ll be cited and after so many times they’ll impound her car.  So I’m thinking about the situation- the guy’s right!  It can’t be their problem.  The police can’t just be flipping and changing frequencies to where they magically hone in on one that will screw with Myra’s car!  Besides that, earlier tonight there was an officer in the condo parking lot and if it was their frequency it would have gone off then, but it didn’t! So… my conclusion?  Myra is a crazy old woman who lies. 

Man this night hacked me off!!!  I’ll hopefully write more tomorrow.  T is growing huge!  She’s a lot of fun when she’s not fussy and screaming.  I’m exhausted and need to go to bed- it just sucks cause we’re paranoid we’re going to get another lovely wake up call from the Myra mobile…  Pray we’ll get some sleep!”

Ohhhh man.  Awesome right?  I suppose this entry is also a testament to how gullible I can be too!  She really had me fooled for a few minutes that the police radio frequency had something to do with her alarm going off.  None the less, this doozy is just one in a long string of Myra stories.  As crazy as she was, she was also very sweet.  I enjoyed taking her dinner on Sundays and hearing about her boyfriend, which was her deceased husband’s old best friend, a widower himself.  She will forever be in my memory and I’m grateful that I crossed paths with this cute old bird!


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